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Naam van de download VisualSpice
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Grootte 7.08 MB
Type Demo
Extensie zip
Door pascalbianca
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VisualSpice is a completely integrated 32-bit analog, digital, mixed signal schematic design and circuit simulation program, sporting the SAME or more advanced features at a fraction of the cost of other simulators. VisualSpice allows you to quickly and easily capture your schematic designs, perform your simulation, and analyze the results using our powerful signal processor and waveform viewer. You can customize almost everything in the design environment, and easily search for, find, select, and categorize, from over 25,000 device models (50,000 parts in EDA version). Our popular Control Panel allows you to quickly enter component parameters with a single click, and to design waveforms using our graphical signal generator waveform editor, before spending time doing a simulation.

Features Include:

25,000 Device Models (50,000 parts in EDA Version)
21 Powerful Analysis (including Monte Carlo, Worst Case)
Contains THREE built in simulators
3D Parameter Sweep and Temperature Sweep
Impedance Plots And Power Plots
Subcircuit parameter passing using variable names and formulas
Smith Chart / Grid and Polar Plots
BSIM3v3, BSIM4, SOI (includes FD,PD, and DD types),
EKV Mosfet model support .
Built-in 64-channel real-time oscilloscope
Built-in Logic Analyzer Break points, edge/level/voltage trigger.
Built-in Programmable Signal Generator lets you design your own waveforms.
Live Multimeter (shows complex voltage, current, impedance, power)
XSpice devices
Plug-in capability lets users develop complex device models like CPU etc.
Import Model Wizard lets you import free models downloaded from the web.
Simulation remains interactive in all models (analog, digital, mixed)
Model Editor/Model Creator
Shared and unique model names.
Named wires, connectors and busses
Export schematics to PCB for design layout
Built-in Virtual Instruments. (Including real-time Spectrum Analyzer and Frequency Counter)

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